guess who?

Which one of these two mess - making,

fun - loving,

over - excited kids is having trouble sleeping at night?  Is it our little girl, whose current sayings frequently include "me do it myself" and "I want to hold you", "I want candy" and even "Gig 'Em Angies?"

The same little girl who loves to play Mommy to her baby dolls, lining them up, patting them to sleep and laying "blankies" (wipes) on them?

Nope.  It's her big brother.  Poor Tyson has had trouble sleeping lately, waking up because he's scared. We tell him how safe we are, how we were very careful when we chose our house, and that nothing can get in.  He even knows he has a strong Daddy that can protect him.  We know it's just a phase, but some days it feels like the infant level of tiredness again!  He has actually done a lot better this week so here's hoping we're on the way out of this little phase!

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