first NFL game

The kids went to their first NFL game yesterday at Reliant Stadium - Texans vs. Jaguars.  Thanks to Steve's company for getting us the tickets!  We were really hesitant to take the kids, mostly because Hailey has failed every stadium-seating test she's had so far (absolutely does not want to stay in her seat, much less the row of seats ~ see the Circus post).  We didn't know where the seats were until we got there, but could not have chosen better seats ourselves. We were at club level in the first row = perfect for a squirmy 2 year old who does not stay in her seat.  No seats in front of her to kick.  No people to run into when she keeps getting in and out of her seat (a form of entertainment).  YEA!!!

 The kids did really well.  I brought a few markers and some paper and that entertained them during time outs.  Daddy bought them big tubs of popcorn which they loved.  It was perfect until the 3rd quarter, when the sun started directly hitting us.  The kids quickly got uncomfortable.  I'd say 3 whole quarters of an NFL game is a pretty darn good success for a 4 and 2 year old.

 Tyson and I took a bunch of pics - this is my favorite.

On the way back to the car - the kids did a ton of walking and they had enough!  It was a fun time and the Texans won!