cousin sleepover

Tyson had his first sleepover two weekends ago with Caleb.  These two have tons of fun when they're together, and people even mistake them for each other... you know who you are :)  The boys got to stay up a little late, and Hailey tagged along as much as they'd let her.

They got to sleep in the game room on the big, comfy couch, and Daddy told them a bedtime story.  Tyson decided to wake up at 5:30 (see previous post), and of course he woke Caleb up too.  That made the morning a little rough for Mommy but it was fun seeing them have such a good time together. Caleb got to stay with us all day and we took him to his grandparents' house at dinner time.  The boys really didn't want to leave each other, and Hailey asked every day for a week "where Caleb"?  Thanks for coming Caleb!

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