Halloween 2011

Halloween festivities actually started on Friday for the kids - they had their party at school.  It continued on Sunday afternoon with pumpkin carving.  Here we were in the morning... (had to get a pic of Hailey in her Halloween shirt and tights... and Tyson's awesome shirt that needs no explanation ;)

Tyson made some candy corn designs while mommy and daddy were taking it easy for a few minutes after the Texans game...
... and here are our pumpkins, with faces designed by Tyson (they are both SCARY faces)...

The rest are all from tonight!  Here's our little ladybug and our big werewolf!!!

She thought I was taking her candy!

Trick or Treat!
The loot... and our jack-o-lanterns in action!

Live action trick-or-treating!  It was definitely the easiest and most fun year we've had with them so far.  I'm sure that has something to do with neither of them being a baby anymore. The weather cooperated nicely and was around 70 degrees.  Now I'm really looking forward to next year!!  Happy Halloween!

first NFL game

The kids went to their first NFL game yesterday at Reliant Stadium - Texans vs. Jaguars.  Thanks to Steve's company for getting us the tickets!  We were really hesitant to take the kids, mostly because Hailey has failed every stadium-seating test she's had so far (absolutely does not want to stay in her seat, much less the row of seats ~ see the Circus post).  We didn't know where the seats were until we got there, but could not have chosen better seats ourselves. We were at club level in the first row = perfect for a squirmy 2 year old who does not stay in her seat.  No seats in front of her to kick.  No people to run into when she keeps getting in and out of her seat (a form of entertainment).  YEA!!!

 The kids did really well.  I brought a few markers and some paper and that entertained them during time outs.  Daddy bought them big tubs of popcorn which they loved.  It was perfect until the 3rd quarter, when the sun started directly hitting us.  The kids quickly got uncomfortable.  I'd say 3 whole quarters of an NFL game is a pretty darn good success for a 4 and 2 year old.

 Tyson and I took a bunch of pics - this is my favorite.

On the way back to the car - the kids did a ton of walking and they had enough!  It was a fun time and the Texans won!

happy birthday Papa

Papa turned 60 last weekend! In our card I wrote "60 is the new 40."  Cliche, I know, but it definitely applies to my Dad.  There is no way he is really 60.  He takes really good care of himself and being healthy is part of his lifestyle.

We all got to go to Jammy and Papa's for lunch. We had fun - it had been months since we were all together.  We had so much fun I hardly took any pictures, as usual!  The kids played trains and puzzles, and after lunch we headed to the park.  That was great for Hailey and Jonah, but Tyson and Caleb ran into a bully who quickly ruined their experience, so we only stayed about 10 minutes.  The kids were over tired by that point anyway!

Some of our attempts at pictures with the kids!  Amber may have some better ones!  Happy 60th Dad, here's to many more years!

cousin sleepover

Tyson had his first sleepover two weekends ago with Caleb.  These two have tons of fun when they're together, and people even mistake them for each other... you know who you are :)  The boys got to stay up a little late, and Hailey tagged along as much as they'd let her.

They got to sleep in the game room on the big, comfy couch, and Daddy told them a bedtime story.  Tyson decided to wake up at 5:30 (see previous post), and of course he woke Caleb up too.  That made the morning a little rough for Mommy but it was fun seeing them have such a good time together. Caleb got to stay with us all day and we took him to his grandparents' house at dinner time.  The boys really didn't want to leave each other, and Hailey asked every day for a week "where Caleb"?  Thanks for coming Caleb!


guess who?

Which one of these two mess - making,

fun - loving,

over - excited kids is having trouble sleeping at night?  Is it our little girl, whose current sayings frequently include "me do it myself" and "I want to hold you", "I want candy" and even "Gig 'Em Angies?"

The same little girl who loves to play Mommy to her baby dolls, lining them up, patting them to sleep and laying "blankies" (wipes) on them?

Nope.  It's her big brother.  Poor Tyson has had trouble sleeping lately, waking up because he's scared. We tell him how safe we are, how we were very careful when we chose our house, and that nothing can get in.  He even knows he has a strong Daddy that can protect him.  We know it's just a phase, but some days it feels like the infant level of tiredness again!  He has actually done a lot better this week so here's hoping we're on the way out of this little phase!


pumpkin patch

Two weekends ago, we went to Froberg's Farm to do our annual pumpkin patch visit.  We've been going to a big one in Spring, but it wasn't going to work out this year so we found a new, closer one.  We had no idea what to expect - all I knew is that it's a strawberry farm in the Spring.

It poured on the way there and we almost turned around.  Tyson was pretty upset with that idea so we decided to tough it out and see - luckily the rain hadn't gotten to the farm yet.  We started out on a hay ride and got a really cool tour of the farm.  It's family owned and the son-in-law did the tour.  Here's some of the strawberry fields that have just recently been planted.

As soon as the hayride was done, it started raining.  We hurried inside to the store, which is also where they had the pumpkins.  This part was different than what we're used to - they had already hand-picked the best looking pumpkins so it was pretty easy to make a decision.  We're used to piles and piles of pumpkins, which make cute pics but not great pumpkins.

The same guy who did the tour built this tractor - pretty cute.  The kids all loved it of course.

We got some fruit and veggies from their store also - loved it.

It was a really cute place - if you're around Alvin you should check it out!  We're definitely going back in the Spring to pick strawberries!