like Tyson... if I could be like Tyson

Hailey wants to do everything Tyson is doing.  He always starts out very sweet, sharing his toys, food, or whatever else.  She almost always wants to be where he is.  At some point it usually goes south.  Sometimes it's her fault, sometimes it's his.  Ah, siblings.

We often hear "Tyson not sharing!" or "Hailey hit me!"

She also says "me do it myself" at least once a day - usually when we're trying to get her into her car seat, or do just about anything faster than she's doing it.

 See what I mean?


Courtney Squillante said...

hahhah I can't wait! :)

Lynn said...

haha! Such fun! Very CUTE!!! Tonight I asked Natalie if she would ever want to kiss a boy and she replied, "No! Gross! Only Seth!" :) Your two are VERY cute together!!