3 things to be proud of

Our Aggie football team... we're finally relevant again.  I hadn't been to Kyle Field in two years.  Always fun!  We had a good time with friends, and showed some Auburn alum friends what they're about to be up against.  Thanks Jammy and Papa for keeping the kiddos on our short getaway!

 Hailey isn't playing around with her potty training.  The date on this note is 9/15.  She's been using the potty exclusively at school every day since then, and is even dry after nap.  At home, she's not always into it, but that's why she's still in diapers/ pull-ups.  In due time!

Last but certainly not least... Tyson's swimming skills have just soared this summer.  He went from having a float vest and arm floaties, to not using any floating assistance, swimming across the pool, jumping off the waterfall, going down the slide, and most recently this...  we are so proud :)


The Moriarty Family said...

Nice! I bet it's so fun to get back to aggieland for a little get-away!! Umm...TYSON, I'm so impressed! That's such an accomplishment! and YAY for big girl princess panties soon ;)

Anonymous said...

Great news on the progress of the kids. Little successes turn into big ones down the road. We appreciate the postings. Love, Grandpa T.

Lynn R said...

Wow!!! Nice job Tyson!