like Tyson... if I could be like Tyson

Hailey wants to do everything Tyson is doing.  He always starts out very sweet, sharing his toys, food, or whatever else.  She almost always wants to be where he is.  At some point it usually goes south.  Sometimes it's her fault, sometimes it's his.  Ah, siblings.

We often hear "Tyson not sharing!" or "Hailey hit me!"

She also says "me do it myself" at least once a day - usually when we're trying to get her into her car seat, or do just about anything faster than she's doing it.

 See what I mean?


3 things to be proud of

Our Aggie football team... we're finally relevant again.  I hadn't been to Kyle Field in two years.  Always fun!  We had a good time with friends, and showed some Auburn alum friends what they're about to be up against.  Thanks Jammy and Papa for keeping the kiddos on our short getaway!

 Hailey isn't playing around with her potty training.  The date on this note is 9/15.  She's been using the potty exclusively at school every day since then, and is even dry after nap.  At home, she's not always into it, but that's why she's still in diapers/ pull-ups.  In due time!

Last but certainly not least... Tyson's swimming skills have just soared this summer.  He went from having a float vest and arm floaties, to not using any floating assistance, swimming across the pool, jumping off the waterfall, going down the slide, and most recently this...  we are so proud :)


zoo and updates

Since the weather finally calmed down a little over the weekend, we wanted to take the kids to the zoo.  Steve wasn't feeling well on Saturday so Jammy went with us!

Checking out the monkeys

It was nice to actually have less than 100% humidity, and the 95 degrees felt like it was cool outside.  Funny how your perspective changes.

Also - an update on some of the things the kids are saying:

Hailey can say almost anything understandably.  She's corrected some of the cuter things that she used to mispronounce, like again (was anYA), and Tyson (was Tysee).  She knows her colors very well; she has trouble every once in awhile but basically knows them.  Pink is called "pinky".  Purple is her favorite color.  She names colors frequently by saying "that's the [color] one."  So we hear "I want purple one" a lot :)

She is into showing us boo-boos and asking for a band-aid.  Most of the time she takes the band-aid right off.  She also makes the funniest sound effects when sucking her thumb.  It's kind of like a machine gun sound while humming (hard to describe, can't you tell?!?).  She's very independent (just like Mommy, no surprise), and we hear "ME do it" or "Hayee do it" pretty often.  She's been speaking in complete sentences more often, and even walked up to us the other day and said "Mommy, I have a booger".  Yes... it was on her finger.  And yes, Daddy did the dirty work and got it off.

Hailey has been doing great at potty training at school.  They're asking if we can bring pull-ups for her now.  She does ok at home, but I don't think she's completely ready to make the jump yet.

Tyson doesn't have as many new updates in this area of course, but he does still say "movie beefeater" for movie theater :)  He also tells us he's allergic to food, or activities that he doesn't want to do. "Mommy, I'm ayergic to water."  ha ha!