catch up

I realized that I haven't downloaded pics from our camera in about a MONTH... so here's a summary of the past month!

We went to see the Barnum & Bailey circus the last weekend it was in town (yeah, about a month ago). I thought it would be a great idea to take the kids, all the reviews online were great. Tyson loved it, Hailey loved it from a distance. As long as she wasn't sitting in the confined row of seats, she was great...

The motorcycle family was our favorite. Amazing that they could somehow fit 7 motorcyles in a cage that looks to be about 10' in diamater...

I loved the elephants too. Tigers, ehhhh, and the trapeze people really left something to be desired. Overall it was about a B+ or A-.

The kids chilling in their diapers/ undies. Both prefer to only wear the bare minimum. Maybe because it's the hottest summer on record in Houston, with no rain, and we've had almost 30 days of 100+ degree temps....

We took them to the Childrens Museum one Saturday. Steve loves to take it easy on weekends when possible. Unfortunately for him I don't have that gene very often. So we went for a couple of hours.

The art room was pretty disappointing, the paint barely did anything (it was really sponges with a LITTLE bit of color in them)

Hailey swinging/ doing pullups (CrossFit kid maybe)?

The outside part was fun, but remember it was 100+ degrees... blechhhhh....

Flowers that Steve got me for our anniversary! One of a few times a year I usually get flowers! :)

Tyson on his first day of "school", which really meant he moved up to the last class he can be in at Primrose and started wearing his uniform again. Love this kid. 1 more year until Kindergarten.

We will try to take more pictures this month and be better about posting!


10 Years

8.18.2011 was our 10 YEAR wedding anniversary! That sounds like such a long time, and in some ways it seems like we've been married longer than that (in a good way...). We started out in a rental house in Spring, and I'm still expecting one of us to test positive for malaria or some other disease caused by living in a moldy house! Blech. No amount of extreme cleaning could fix that place. We've moved twice since then, gone from a Honda Accord and Pontiac Grand Am, through 4 other vehicles, a few jobs each, had two kids, seen some ups and downs, and had plenty of fun along the way.

Steve, thank you for being a loving, caring husband, my best friend, and an excellent father to our children. Also - thank you for giving us a boy first and then a girl! :) I'm proud to be your wife, and thinking back on our relationship, it's obvious that we've grown so much as a couple in the last 10 years.

I love you. I say it a lot but I mean it every time. Because of you I look forward to coming home, spending time with you (even if we only get to talk for 5 minutes), laughing and playing with our kids. Here's to the rest of our lives!!


Schlitterbahn (Galveston)

We were forced to take a vacation day yesterday because the kids' school was closed for their annual teacher in-service. We decided to make the best of it and take the kids to Schlitterbahn Galveston. We knew it would be smaller than the NB version but the reviews were good online so we were optimistic about it.

Those kids are definitely mine. Not that I was questioning that, but they are both completely fearless on rides, slides, everything there. It was fun because we could take them on any ride, even if they didn't meet the height requirement, as long as they rode with us. So we basically rode everything except the generic slide at every waterpark that's basically a vertical drop. (Tyson did ask to ride it though...) They would shriek in excitement when a ride went fast, had a drop, or anything. It was fun seeing them so excited. The lazy river was the best one we've been on - it has different paths if you want to go through rapids or waves.

The quote of the day was on the way there - Hailey was getting bored with the longer car trip and started randomly screaming. Tyson said "she's making me DIE." I cracked up. He didn't appreciate it, but I couldn't help it!

Hailey made it through the whole day without a nap somehow, and fell asleep as soon as we got in the car. It was fun, but we're still wiped out today! No pictures... didn't think it was worth trying to keep the camera dry and messing with that drama! We did break our streak of "the kids have never been sunburned" though - Hailey's cheeks and arms got burned, but they are better today thankfully.

Happy end of summer! (But not end of heat... we wish!)


potty training

I was NOT ready for this development, but Hailey is constantly saying she needs to use the potty. As I mentioned in an earlier post, she went once (#2), coincidentally at school. Well that was until Thursday. She went #1 in the potty, then proceeded to do it again on Friday, Saturday and Sunday! She only did it once each day, and does not always ask to use the potty, usually just when she wakes up in the morning and between dinner and bath time.

I am still not expecting her to be completely potty trained any time soon, and I'm not going to push her on it yet, but this is pretty cool... it's at least nice to see her do it sometimes instead of just sitting there! And hey, if she's potty trained in a month or two, PARTY! No more diapers, EVER!

Of course I make a HUGE deal about it when she goes, and she tells everyone in the house that she did it. So funny. We will see where this goes...