water babies

Our kids have made some huge strides in their swimming skills in the past month. They took swimming lessons in April/ May (well... TYSON took swim lessons. Hailey fought me and freaked out during most of her 3 lessons that we went to!). I think they really paid off for Tyson. He now swims without his float vest, including jumping off the rocks and sliding down the slide, which are both in the deep end! He can swim from the steps to the basketball goal. He kind of does a combo of underwater swimming and breaststroke.

Here's a pic showing most of the pool so you can kind of see what I'm talking about. We are SO proud of him and he's pretty excited too! I definitely won't trust him completely for awhile so I'm still very close to him when he does it, but he has done great! This is also why we don't have any pics of him doing this "in action" yet.

Hailey has done better with her float/ innertube too! She used to dip her face in the water all the time but now she can maintain her balance without us having to move her around! It's nice because we can all swim together but independently. That's a first since we had kids!

Tyson picked out some Jolly Rancher popsicles at the store and they are GREAT. Here's Hailey eating her first popsicle. She was shrieking and really excited the whole time, it was great.


The Moriarty Family said...

yumm...those popsicle's look delish. So proud of Tyson for being so awesome in the pool already, that's so exciting! Can't wait for swim lesson time for Jonah, but then again, yes I can. LOL.

Jammy said...

Ditto to what Amber said! Yea Tyson!!! That's a big deal! Glad Hailey's comfortable floating around on her own too. I definitely need to try one of those popsicles!!