Hailey had her 2 year well-check on Thursday, and passed with flying colors! The only developmental question I couldn't answer was "can she string noodles or beads on a string?" Ummm... I didn't know I was supposed to try that so I had to say no. Other than that she's above par on her skills. Luckily, we haven't had to take the kids to the doctor very much this year, so it was nice to know how much she weighs!

She weighs 27 lbs (back up in the 50th percentile after being underweight last time)

She's 34.5" tall (75th percentile as she's been since birth). She's supposed to be 5'9" eventually, which is an inch taller than mommy!

Potty training. She is EXTREMELY interested in it, but not ready yet. She asks to sit on the potty at least 3 times a day, and 2 weeks ago she (accidentally) went #2 in it, but so far she's 1 for about 50 attempts, so we aren't getting too excited about it :) This is a different experience than with Tyson, because when he was ready to start, he was serious about it (and at least 2.5 years old) and it didn't take long. We'll see with this one!

She can say almost anything, but still talks plenty of gibberish too. Here's some of the cuter mis-pronunciations she does now:

"pidap" = pizza

"moy" = more

"dop" = stop

"Tysee" = Tyson

She also tells us to "go play" if she wants to do something mischevious. So hilarious. I hope she keeps telling on herself like that for awhile. Here's a short video of another saying she recently picked up :)


Jammy said...

Laughing my head off!! What a character!!

Jammy said...

Still laughing!!!!