kids' vacation

It sounds like the kids had a blast while we were gone! Almost every day they had something exciting going on (I think they only had one day of "hanging out"... I'm sure that was needed by everyone!). We can't express enough how much we appreciate Steve's parents taking care of them, and Aunt Shannon for helping out so much. We heard that all of the family in the Corpus Christi area helped out at some point. Before we left, Grandma told me her goal was to have the kids not want to leave when we came to pick them up.

I think this may be my favorite picture of all time of Hailey. I'm about to order a bunch of prints of it. Thank you Uncle Glenn for taking this!!

This is Caleb, Tyson and Hannah at the aquarium. Tyson obviously loved it because he was really disappointed at the Houston Aquarium restaurant the other day!

Surfing at the beach!

Tyson got to go fishing with Grandpa!

They got to visit the botanical gardens (I can just hear Hailey trying to say butterfly... "bufwy" :)

Playing on the beach with Hannah!
We heard that Hailey wasn't so sure about the waves at first!

These two are from Sunday when we came to pick them up. I should have videotaped our "reunion," but that would have ruined the moment. The looks on their faces were so precious and priceless. Tyson gave us HUGE hugs and Hailey had a more extended reunion. She couldn't stop saying "hi mommy" and she kept changing how she wanted to be held/ sit in our laps. So adorable.

Tyson got a new train set! Which has now been relocated to our dining room. Great choice. Hailey got a new baby doll and some clothes!

Grandma got her wish - Tyson did NOT want to leave and come back home. We could tell they were very happy and well taken care of (not like we thought they wouldn't be!). THANK YOU SO MUCH for keeping them for us, and for spoiling them rotten. We know that's what grandparents are for :)

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Jammy said...

WOW! Be careful not to go away too often!!! :) They may not want to go home for sure! What a great time they had. Great pics, too!