Jamaica - yeah mon

Steve and I took off on June 25th for Montego Bay, Jamaica to stay at Sandals Royal Caribbean for 8 days! The journey started on the 24th, with Steve driving the kids to Corpus Christi to stay with his parents (with the help of Aunt Shannon and Uncle Shane's families too) and then driving back after they went to bed! We went to celebrate our 10 year anniversary, which is coming up in August! I'm sure this is too many pics but of course I have a ton more that I didn't include. I also haven't messed with the videos or the waterproof camera yet so you may get to see more later (I know you're excited). This is the very summarized version of our trip.

This is after we made it through customs in Montego Bay, and we were waiting at the Sandals lounge for a few minutes to get picked up. We waited 5 minutes, max.

Here's the view from the balcony of our room. We had a great view of the beach and the boat dock... with a huge tree in the middle of it!

Ahhhhh. Nothing like just laying out on the beach. I actually read a whole book (Seabiscuit). I don't remember the last time I read for "fun".

This is the private island that was also part of our resort. We went one day to check it out. The beaches there are also nice, it has beautiful plants and landscaping, but we decided we liked the main resort beach better. Our favorite dinner was over there though - at the Royal Thai. I was expecting to go back and eat a burger at the beach bar, but we LOVED it.

Some of the scenery on the private island. (I have TONS of scenery pics)

View of the main resort when we were coming back from the private island on the boat

There was some kind of entertainment every night. Our favorite night was some kind of Jamaican music/ dance performance. It was basically 4 guys on drums and then 2 girls and 2 guys doing crazy acrobatic dancing to it. Very impressive. This guy was walking around during one of the other nights' performances.

Every night before we went to dinner we took a self-portrait by the window in our room. Here's one of them.

One night we were eating by the beach, and during our 2 hour dinner (yes that's right.. SLOOOOOW) we were entertained by crabs fighting. I actually have 4 pics of this... that's what happens when you have 30 minutes between each course!

On Monday we went to Dunn's River falls. That was all on the waterproof camera so I won't have any of that in this post. It was BEAUTIFUL. It was highly recommended to us by everyone who has visited Jamaica. We are really glad we went. Wednesday we did the Chukka zip line tour. We actually agreed we liked that excursion even better than the falls. I have video that I'll try to post later. There are tons of stories from this trip also that I'll try to post later. Here's Steve coming in on one of the long zip lines.

Climbing up to one of the next zip's

Us with our guides, Gussy and Kim-possible. They were great, very friendly and both had a great sense of humor.

Afterwards, we ate Jamaican "hot pockets." I just had to include this for fellow Jim Gaffigan fans.

Back to the resort... there were peacocks that we periodically saw. Unfortunately this is the least interesting one. I just didn't happen to have the camera when we saw the pretty ones with the huge colorful feathers.

View from the main beach one night before dinner

Steve came to ask me if I was ready to get up, I just liked this pic of his expression :)

The rest are just some scenery pics from the resort. Unfortunately the day I went on my "scenery picture spree" the lens was fogged up - our room was freezing so the camera always had to thaw out when we came outside!

This was the walkway to our building, we were on the second floor. The rooms below us had walk-out balconies to the beach. Honestly I liked ours better because we could chill out on it, hang our clothes etc without people messing with us.

Another self-portrait before going to dinner, this one was on Friday night, our last night.

This is along the entrance to the resort. It really was very beautifully landscaped. Tropical flowers were everywhere.

We definitely had a great time, but we agreed it was a little too long to be away from the kids. We didn't talk to them while we were gone in fear they would get upset (Tyson has gotten upset before when we talked to him when he stayed overnight). We hadn't gone on a "real" vacation in almost 4 years, so it was nice to get away and do whatever we wanted (limited on the resort anyway... we didn't dare go into the city unless we were on a tour). Happy early anniversary Steve!


The Moriarty Family said...

I'm SO happy yall were able to get away and celebrate "alone" ;) I'm sure that was a long time to be away from your angels, but it's not like you get to get away very often and I'm sure they were having a blast with their grandparents! Loved the pics, and looked like a great trip-- Happy early anniversary!

Courtney Squillante said...

So fun!!! I'm not going to lie- I'm super jealous! Love the pics!!!