birthday girl

We had a small party on Saturday for Hailey's 2nd birthday! We just invited direct family and close friends, and figured we'd start with the "classmate" parties next year. It was a luau themed party, but it actually rained for the first time in months on Saturday, which delayed our decorating until 1 hour before party time... but we rearranged activities to make up for it.

Steve spent all day making brisket and ribs on the smoker, and of course the famous potato explosion, seen above. The kids had hot dogs on the grill. I seriously think this was the best version of all of those items that he's made so far!

Hailey loves cupcakes so we decided to get her a "cupcake cake". It still had buttercream icing like a cake so we had to cut each cupcake out!

Birthday girl eating her cupcake - she loved it so much I couldn't get her to stop and smile for a pic!

Opening presents - Tyson helped too. He was so cute, and kept wanting to bring her more presents.

And here comes the big gift from Mommy and Daddy... thanks for the help with kitchen themed gifts, she definitely has some choices on pots, pans and food to cook!

She (and Tyson) love the play kitchen. We hope it stays a big hit for years to come!

I'm tired of not having pictures of people when we have a party or just even have people over, so I forced myself to take pictures! I think I got everyone in at least one picture!

Howie and Mom
Laura and Amber, the best sisters I never had :) Oh, and that goofball behind them is my brother.

Kyle, Sarah, Mike and Krista

Are we related?
Grandma and Grandpa
After stuffing our faces and opening presents, some of us swam. It was hard to get Hailey away from her presents, but since she loves swimming she finally wanted to make an appearance!

Synchronized jumping, followed by the challenge of shooting a basket while jumping off the rocks, then catching a football before hitting the water.

Jonah, the only other kid at the party! Yikes! He got ALL of the party favors! (Just kidding Amber I wouldn't do that to you)

Us singing to the birthday girl. Thanks to everyone who came!


Carrie Bryant said...

Happy birthday sweet girl!! She is so pretty! I love her blonde hair.

Anonymous said...

Fun day!!

Jammy said...

Oops! It really was a "fun day".