Tyson got his first pet on Sunday - meet "Rocketship", a friendly ladybug from our crepe myrtle. He was so excited to set him up in this jar, give him leaves and a little water, and have Daddy poke holes in the top for air.

Unfortunately Rocketship has already decided he didn't like his new home! After a little sadness we told Tyson we'd be able to find another ladybug.

Oh, and I love this pic of Hailey, guess she found our storage place for the learning potty!


Anonymous said...

Too bad fireflys aren't common anymore. As kids, we spent many summer evenings collecting jars of fireflys for our "lanterns". At least, we still see some at our camp grounds. Maybe Tyson will find a new pet soon.

Love, Grandpa T.

Anonymous said...

I love bugs too. Tyson and I have more in common now. I will be sure to get him some cool "pets" when he is here. Give me a call, I can't wait to play with him and Hailey.

I am counting the hours until they are here!

Love, Aunt Shannon

Jammy said...

I think all of us probably have fond memories of collecting bugs of all types, turtles, injured birds, you name it! Good activities. He's the perfect age for it, too!!