talky talky

Hailey has been good at saying names, but she hasn't said her own name or Tyson's name until recently. She started out calling him "bobo" for brother, but now we're trying to get her to say Tyson:

Also, Tyson has had his share of hilarious statements recently:

"for real" - this is used at least once a day, either to add emphasis or when he's in trouble and he's saying he didn't do something (for real mommy!)

"can I may please have a sticker?" - how he asks Ms. Jennifer for a sticker if he's been good in school - makes her smile every time

"we were going SPEED!" - if we are driving fast or if something is going fast, it's going speed!

When he's in a loving mood, he tells me that he's going to marry me when he grows up. When Daddy says that I'm already married he says "well then she will marry me!"

The last two times he's said a prayer at a family gathering, he goes straight into "I pledge allegiance to the flag..." and recites the whole thing. Meanwhile everyone's trying not to laugh out loud...

"When I grow up, my voice will be deeper but I'll still be Tyson."


Anonymous said...

If Tyson takes after his dad, you are in for some pretty persuasive discussions as time goes on. We always thought that Steven might someday be a lawyer (a defense attorney). Grandpa T.

Jammy said...

Sweet, precious kids!