mothers day

Mothers Day weekend started out with "moms and muffins" at Primrose on Friday. This is the first time I've had both of them for this event (well, Hailey came last year but stayed in her carrier). It went great at first, but I was nervous because they just had little cups (not sippy cups... hence no top). I just knew Hailey was going to spill hers because she's still trying to get the hang of it. Nope... Tyson knocked his all over himself! Then when I was trying to clean it up Hailey knocked hers over too... sigh... oh well, we still had fun!

Then on Friday afternoon we headed to Corpus. The boys and Hannah went camping and the rest of us hung out in cool, comfy houses!

Hannah and Tyson after camping... then they ran out of gas after lunch (below)

Little Hailey making a mess and posing for the camera as usual! We had a nice visit, with a special Mothers Day/ birthday dinner on Saturday night. The drive back home was MUCH calmer than the drive down, nice Mothers Day bonus for me! We got home and relaxed for dinner and the rest of the evening. Happy Mothers day everyone, and especially to my Mom who we didn't get to spend time with this year on Mom's day!

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Jammy said...

You can't beat time with grandparents and cousins. Looks like the kids really enjoyed themselves! Fun for everyone!