Memorial Day weekend

We had a great weekend. We have all been taking turns getting sick for the past MONTH, so I wasn't about to just hang out in the house all weekend. We thought we were all better, and then Steve woke up on Saturday feeling bad again. Aggggh! I took Tyson to see Kung Fu Panda II (pretty good actually), and then he put up with shopping for a little while. On Sunday afternoon I took the kids to the zoo (can't believe I did it by myself... but I told you I had cabin fever!) They were better than I expected and we had a great time!

After this Hailey decided I needed to ride with her (it still hadn't started moving yet)

I think this is the first time the petting zoo has been a huge success with both of them. Usually one of them isn't feeling too confident about the non-moving, completely non-threatening goats. They brushed every single one.

Tyson loved this and had to get on and have his picture taken!

With our train-obsessed kids, it's basically impossible to go to the zoo without a train ride at the end. As usual, Hailey spent the whole time climbing around and flirting with people behind us.

On Monday, Kyle and Sarah came over for a visit! After about 5 minutes of "checking them out", Hailey warmed right up. She is really getting over her fear of "non-daily" people.

After breakfast, Kyle, Sarah and I headed up to the gym to do the Murph workout. You can read about it here.
It felt good to have a reason to do a workout that long and tough. The "before" picture is above.

Somewhere in the middle of the craziness

I'm done! Kyle kicked my butt and beat me by 15 minutes!


Needless to say, after this we were very glad to jump in the pool and chill for awhile! Hope everyone had a great long weekend. Now I need to go to sleep and catch up on that...

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Jammy/Mom said...

Love the zoo pics! Can't believe you are able to do the entire Murph workout!! That's amazing!