Jumpin' Good Friday

I had Good Friday off, and the kids' school was closed, but unfortunately Daddy had to work. I had ambitions of taking the kids to the zoo, but I couldn't find anyone to go with me at the last minute, and on Friday morning I just didn't have the energy to brave that feat by myself. So, around 10 AM I had the bright idea of taking them to Jump N Jungle. They have "free play" during the week, and we could finally take advantage! (and I could let them get some good energy out and not worry about losing them, always a plus)

Tyson was so good with Hailey, helped her up these stairs every time. They probably did this 20 times, minimum.

What, you mean most moms don't put their daughters in a tutu to go jumping around? Well they should!

The kids were very good the whole time and really played well together the WHOLE time. Plus, when we got home Daddy had just gotten home early too!


Jammy said...

Love it. Looks like they had a blast! Great idea!!

The Moriarty Family said...

We'll have to do Jump-N-Jungle next time we come out-- so fun! AND yes, tutu for jumping around is by far the cutest, she should've gotten an award for best dressed! Wish we could've made it to the zoo that day :(