Easter weekend

On Saturday of Easter weekend we headed to Jammy and Papa's and did an egg hunt with the grandkids. It was fun having more than just Tyson doing an egg hunt! Jonah and Hailey did great on their first "real" egg hunt!

Jonah has the greatest facial expressions...

As you can see in all of these pics... none of the kids wanted to pose for our pictures! I guess the Easter candy was affecting their ability to sit still or atleast stop and smile, you think?

The best one we have of the 3 of them.... HAHA

The rest are from Easter Sunday and the egg hunt we did at our house. Same issue with not getting good pics of the kids!

The Easter Bunny hid some eggs on the top of the slide :)

Happy Easter! Hope some of you had better luck getting family pics, haha!

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Jammy said...

Thanks for posting all the egg hunt pics. It was fun being a part of it Saturday! It's serious work!!