spring fling

I got pretty far behind again... catch up time. TWO weeks ago, I took the kids to the Spring Fling carnival/ fundraiser at their school. Cosmic Fitness CrossFit also sponsored a booth. We were going to go as a family, but unfortunately Steve had an allergic reaction to a donut at breakfast (it had sprinkles... there must have been chocolate in the sprinkles???)... I felt HORRIBLE since it was my idea to splurge and get breakfast that morning. He tried to go but just felt too bad so I took the kids by myself... which is always an adventure. And makes for worse pictures, but I'm glad that I actually got some. Luckily Tyson was great until it was time to go. He did NOT want to get out of the bubble pit. Hailey was pretty good, but she kept wanting to run into the middle of the dance class presentations when they were going on (lol). This was actually a Thomas the Tank Engine train ride. I just didn't get a pic of the exerior... of course this was a huge hit with T-man.
Tyson did a pony ride!!! This is huge!!! In the past he would have been afraid to do it but he was ALL for it when he discovered it. Hailey was excited too until I tried to put her on the pony... maybe next year for her.

Face painting... spider related of course!

The bubble pit... I would get Tyson to come out, then Hailey would run under the tape and I'd have to go get her. Then Tyson would get back in the bubbles. He'd come out, and Hailey would run away again. Sigh... it was fun but tiring!


Jammy said...

Sorry, I can't stop laughing after your description of trying to gather the kids up from the bubble pit!!! There's always something like that that gives you a lasting roll your eyes memory. Still funny to think about. You got GREAT pics!! Wish I could have been there! Proud of Tyson on the horse!!!

The Moriarty Family said...

Oh NO, poor Steve :( Yea that last paragraph about the bubble pit-- LOL! I can just imagine you trynig to wrangle them up all by yourself and the two of them rotating in and out of the bubbles!!! You definitely got your work out in that day AND you need some sort of Mommy of the Month award, for sure!! Cute pics of both of them. I bet T-man was in heaven with the Thomas ride!