random cuteness

This girl has the whitest hair and bluest eyes. And fairest skin!
One word: Fearless.

These pictures were taken the morning of their spring school pictures. They took pics with live bunnies. Hope they turned out because mine weren't that great (well not professional quality anyway) :)

Hailey now says "cheeeeeese" when she knows you're taking her pic, can you tell??

Laundry basket races always make for a fun evening, especially when mommy and daddy don't have to push!

And, at the risk of driving some people insane, I have to include this... we finally gave in and watched the "Friday" video on youtube, and it must have been an instant hit with Hailey...


Courtney Squillante said...

Cute pics!!! I LOVE her hair!!!

The Moriarty Family said...

I spy a little future Klein Bearkadette?!! ;) Those dance moves rocked! Oh and loved the cupcake video!!

Jammy said...

She's got the rhythm in her!! Kids love music...does that make all of us kids?