nee now

This girl is non-stop energy. She is a climbing, running, tumbling, TOUGH, sibling rivalry - inciting, screaming, crazy, fun-filled and full-fledged toddler. I don't think I can get away with calling her a baby anymore. Well, maybe until she turns 2 I guess, maybe. She is really turning it up a notch on her talking. Here's her latest frequently said phrases:

"nee now" - sit down. She sits down, or pulls out a chair, pats next to her and says "nee now". This sometimes starts by her grabbing your finger and bringing you to where she's playing.

"no bite" - she tells her babies this. Just repeating what she hears because she has done this a couple of times at school.

"agua" - this is what she calls any type of drink, or body of water.

"gucky" - could be yucky or ducky. If ducky, it says "cack cack".

"rawrrrr" - could be lion, tiger, bear, or dinosaur, or monster. She calls animals by their noises (woof woof, neigh are popular ones), except cows and ducks.

"don't do that" - luckily she has only said this to another little girl who was trying to push (help) her on her tricycle.

"wheee" - swing or slide

"shoe" - says this plain as day, and is obsessed with shoes. She can already put on and take off her right shoe by herself. Uh oh.

"Up" - this is more the action that is funny. If you're sitting and she wants you to follow her she will say "{name} UP" and try to pull you up. ha.

"annie" - candy, normally said as "I want annie!"

I KNOW I am forgetting a major one. It's getting late and I'm out of energy from chasing this one and her older brother around all day :)


Cosmic Fitness said...

"I want cheese"

Anonymous said...

Sounds like tons of fun (this is why only young people should have kids). Looking forward to seeing you all in a couple of weeks. We hope Steven did well on his bike ride. Give us an update.
Love, Grandpa T

Courtney Squillante said...

She is SO cute!!

Jammy said...

After being with you most of Saturday, I'd say Hailey is one active little ball of cute!! (and mommy, daddy and brother have their hands full!!) What a riot! Glad you guys are all still young!

Lynn said...

LOVE Jammy's comment - "one active little ball of cute!"
She looks adorable!!! They both do!