MS 150

Steve rode in the MS-150 for the second straight year. Last year, he did a ton of training to prepare for it. This year, he didn't get to do much training so we weren't sure what to expect! He started off with a great place to stay with some work friends in Waller, so that was good.

The weather was PERFECT this time (as far as temperature and sun/ no rain), so that was a definite improvement over last year. On Saturday (4/16), Steve made it more than half of the distance and his bike started acting up (it also did last year...). The chain suddenly popped off 4 consecutive times so he decided it was time to call it a day. He had a nice place to stay near LaGrange, so no rainy campsite this year!

On Sunday, there was supposed to be a 20 mph tail wind... well there wasn't! He made it the whole day, through all the hills in ONE GEAR. Steve definitely has drive and determination. Unfortunately, he got extremely sick starting that evening through the next few days.

I'm proud of you Steve! And thanks to those who checked in on his progress through the weekend!


Courtney Squillante said...

That is so amazing to me!!! What an accomplishment!!

Jammy said...

Glad you made it with one gear! Which one was it? Not easy.

The Moriarty Family said...

Such an accomplishment, especially with bike difficulties! Way to tough it out for a great cause. We love you!