Moriarty mini-reunion

My cousin Tommy had a volleyball tournament in Houston two weekends ago (yes I am still behind... April has been busy in a good way!). So we got to see him play quite a bit, (his team is really good, go UWEC!) and also my Uncle Bruce's whole family, and Grammy came in town for a visit! We don't get to see them often at all, so it was great to get to spend lots of quality time together in a short weekend!

Hailey was a mess at the games, she just wanted to run around or run ON THE COURT (thanks Jennifer for having little dolls that kept her entertained!) so that meant I didn't get any pictures of games (I have NONE of Tommy even.... yikes), and I have HARDLY ANY of family even though everyone hung out at our house two nights. HELP PLEASE, anyone else please send me some pics, this is bad! Here's the few that I have... thanks for a good weekend everyone, it was the easiest big crowd we've ever had (seriously!!! tons of fun!)

Tyson and Owen seemed to hit it off (my cousin Kiki's son), too bad they live in Austin!

most of the "boy cousins"

Hailey has always loved her Aunt Amber!

all of the rest are just general crowd pics... sad!!! Need better ones!!

Seriously though, thanks to Bruce's family and Grammy for the effort and money spent to get down here for a visit. We loved having you and everyone else at our house! And go UWEC for making it to the final four in the tourney - great job!

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The Moriarty Family said...

You did a WAY better job than me getting pics!! Love the pic of me and Hailey :) Thanks so much for hosting everyone-- FUN FUN, and GREAT food!