a different baby?

No... I'm not pregnant. But it was the most appropriate title for this post! On Sunday I was driving the kids in Steve's truck (forgot to put their car seats back in my SUV). Hailey started randomly screaming out of boredom, a nice activity that we have the privilege of hearing sometimes. Normally when this happens, Tyson screams back at her or whines at us that she's screaming. Not this time.

Tyson: (very calm, matter of fact, talking at normal volume even through the screaming) "Mommy, did you have a dream last night that we got a different baby?"

Me: (annoyed at the screaming but also trying not to smile) "No, Tyson. Did you? I would never want to trade anyone in our family. Would you really want to trade Hailey?"

(by now I've found some random object to give her so she's not screaming)

Tyson: "No. She's really cute. I also wouldn't trade Daddy because he's a killer of deers."

(now I can't help but chuckle, luckily he didn't notice) ... Not sure if he would trade me or not. Also don't know the last time "deer killing" has come up. At least 4-5 months ago. Hilarious!


Katie said...

He is so funny. You're in trouble. ;)

The Moriarty Family said...

"Killer of deers!"---hahaha! AND don't get me all excited with a post title like that!!

Lynn said...

so cute!

Jammy said...

I love the way he thinks! What a great kid!!