MS 150

Steve rode in the MS-150 for the second straight year. Last year, he did a ton of training to prepare for it. This year, he didn't get to do much training so we weren't sure what to expect! He started off with a great place to stay with some work friends in Waller, so that was good.

The weather was PERFECT this time (as far as temperature and sun/ no rain), so that was a definite improvement over last year. On Saturday (4/16), Steve made it more than half of the distance and his bike started acting up (it also did last year...). The chain suddenly popped off 4 consecutive times so he decided it was time to call it a day. He had a nice place to stay near LaGrange, so no rainy campsite this year!

On Sunday, there was supposed to be a 20 mph tail wind... well there wasn't! He made it the whole day, through all the hills in ONE GEAR. Steve definitely has drive and determination. Unfortunately, he got extremely sick starting that evening through the next few days.

I'm proud of you Steve! And thanks to those who checked in on his progress through the weekend!


Jonah is 2!

Jonah turned 2 on April 14th! Wow that went by fast. We're so glad his Mommy and Daddy moved back to Texas so we can see them more often! His party was at Hermann park last weekend (great location for us!) and of course the weather was perfect. Jammy and Papa helped a lot so that was great!

Papa and all of his grandkids!

The birthday boy with Daddy!

This may be the biggest fire truck toy I've seen... yesssssss :)

The party was close to the train tracks so Tyson and one of Amber's cousins spent a lot of time hanging out and waving to the people on the train when it came by

More playing after the party

And of course, we had to ride the train ourselves before we went to Jammy and Papa's! This was my attempt to get us all in a pic. You can see Tyson's ear by my neck. Oh well.

Happy Birthday Jonah!


Moriarty mini-reunion

My cousin Tommy had a volleyball tournament in Houston two weekends ago (yes I am still behind... April has been busy in a good way!). So we got to see him play quite a bit, (his team is really good, go UWEC!) and also my Uncle Bruce's whole family, and Grammy came in town for a visit! We don't get to see them often at all, so it was great to get to spend lots of quality time together in a short weekend!

Hailey was a mess at the games, she just wanted to run around or run ON THE COURT (thanks Jennifer for having little dolls that kept her entertained!) so that meant I didn't get any pictures of games (I have NONE of Tommy even.... yikes), and I have HARDLY ANY of family even though everyone hung out at our house two nights. HELP PLEASE, anyone else please send me some pics, this is bad! Here's the few that I have... thanks for a good weekend everyone, it was the easiest big crowd we've ever had (seriously!!! tons of fun!)

Tyson and Owen seemed to hit it off (my cousin Kiki's son), too bad they live in Austin!

most of the "boy cousins"

Hailey has always loved her Aunt Amber!

all of the rest are just general crowd pics... sad!!! Need better ones!!

Seriously though, thanks to Bruce's family and Grammy for the effort and money spent to get down here for a visit. We loved having you and everyone else at our house! And go UWEC for making it to the final four in the tourney - great job!


nee now

This girl is non-stop energy. She is a climbing, running, tumbling, TOUGH, sibling rivalry - inciting, screaming, crazy, fun-filled and full-fledged toddler. I don't think I can get away with calling her a baby anymore. Well, maybe until she turns 2 I guess, maybe. She is really turning it up a notch on her talking. Here's her latest frequently said phrases:

"nee now" - sit down. She sits down, or pulls out a chair, pats next to her and says "nee now". This sometimes starts by her grabbing your finger and bringing you to where she's playing.

"no bite" - she tells her babies this. Just repeating what she hears because she has done this a couple of times at school.

"agua" - this is what she calls any type of drink, or body of water.

"gucky" - could be yucky or ducky. If ducky, it says "cack cack".

"rawrrrr" - could be lion, tiger, bear, or dinosaur, or monster. She calls animals by their noises (woof woof, neigh are popular ones), except cows and ducks.

"don't do that" - luckily she has only said this to another little girl who was trying to push (help) her on her tricycle.

"wheee" - swing or slide

"shoe" - says this plain as day, and is obsessed with shoes. She can already put on and take off her right shoe by herself. Uh oh.

"Up" - this is more the action that is funny. If you're sitting and she wants you to follow her she will say "{name} UP" and try to pull you up. ha.

"annie" - candy, normally said as "I want annie!"

I KNOW I am forgetting a major one. It's getting late and I'm out of energy from chasing this one and her older brother around all day :)

spring fling

I got pretty far behind again... catch up time. TWO weeks ago, I took the kids to the Spring Fling carnival/ fundraiser at their school. Cosmic Fitness CrossFit also sponsored a booth. We were going to go as a family, but unfortunately Steve had an allergic reaction to a donut at breakfast (it had sprinkles... there must have been chocolate in the sprinkles???)... I felt HORRIBLE since it was my idea to splurge and get breakfast that morning. He tried to go but just felt too bad so I took the kids by myself... which is always an adventure. And makes for worse pictures, but I'm glad that I actually got some. Luckily Tyson was great until it was time to go. He did NOT want to get out of the bubble pit. Hailey was pretty good, but she kept wanting to run into the middle of the dance class presentations when they were going on (lol). This was actually a Thomas the Tank Engine train ride. I just didn't get a pic of the exerior... of course this was a huge hit with T-man.
Tyson did a pony ride!!! This is huge!!! In the past he would have been afraid to do it but he was ALL for it when he discovered it. Hailey was excited too until I tried to put her on the pony... maybe next year for her.

Face painting... spider related of course!

The bubble pit... I would get Tyson to come out, then Hailey would run under the tape and I'd have to go get her. Then Tyson would get back in the bubbles. He'd come out, and Hailey would run away again. Sigh... it was fun but tiring!


a different baby?

No... I'm not pregnant. But it was the most appropriate title for this post! On Sunday I was driving the kids in Steve's truck (forgot to put their car seats back in my SUV). Hailey started randomly screaming out of boredom, a nice activity that we have the privilege of hearing sometimes. Normally when this happens, Tyson screams back at her or whines at us that she's screaming. Not this time.

Tyson: (very calm, matter of fact, talking at normal volume even through the screaming) "Mommy, did you have a dream last night that we got a different baby?"

Me: (annoyed at the screaming but also trying not to smile) "No, Tyson. Did you? I would never want to trade anyone in our family. Would you really want to trade Hailey?"

(by now I've found some random object to give her so she's not screaming)

Tyson: "No. She's really cute. I also wouldn't trade Daddy because he's a killer of deers."

(now I can't help but chuckle, luckily he didn't notice) ... Not sure if he would trade me or not. Also don't know the last time "deer killing" has come up. At least 4-5 months ago. Hilarious!


first full sentence

Hailey said her first full sentence last week... check it out...

Here they are enjoying their cupcakes! I started taking Hailey's shirt off when she eats messy foods at home, tired of spending tons of time fighting stains! Other words/ phrases in her vocabulary: "go away", "i want {cheese, juice, agua, or that}", "no bite", and of course the others I have previously put up and more! She is really getting good at communicating!


random cuteness

This girl has the whitest hair and bluest eyes. And fairest skin!
One word: Fearless.

These pictures were taken the morning of their spring school pictures. They took pics with live bunnies. Hope they turned out because mine weren't that great (well not professional quality anyway) :)

Hailey now says "cheeeeeese" when she knows you're taking her pic, can you tell??

Laundry basket races always make for a fun evening, especially when mommy and daddy don't have to push!

And, at the risk of driving some people insane, I have to include this... we finally gave in and watched the "Friday" video on youtube, and it must have been an instant hit with Hailey...

cousin fun

So I'm a little behind... but a few weeks ago we got to see Shane and Amy's family for a couple of hours, and then we kept the boys a little longer after they had to leave for their date :) Tyson loves his cousins and lately we haven't gotten down there very often, so it was good to give them time together. We all went to Chick-Fil-A and they played there (always a winner), and then we took the kids to the park and then back to our house for more play time!

It was good to see all of you! Hope to make it down there soon!