little mommy

Hailey has daily "mommy" time now. It's usually after dinner. She goes in the little area between the couch and our bedroom door and lines up her babies (sometimes 1, sometimes all of them). Her favorite baby is in the picture (notice she colored on her head with crayon). She gets a kleenex and wipes their noses (TONS of times), then lays them down to sleep, says "nigh nigh" and pats them on the back. It's adorable. Of course, when I turned the camera on she stopped talking to them, but at least she kept "taking care" of them!

Grandma, Aunt Shannon, Christine and Matthew came to visit for a couple days during spring break... this was the only picture I took (bad hostess)! It was a fun visit, great to see you! {technical difficulties with video/ blogger... arghhh}

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The Moriarty Family said...

She just keeps getting cuter and cuter. LOVE her. Hope I get to see that little Mommy personality soon!