little mommy

Hailey has daily "mommy" time now. It's usually after dinner. She goes in the little area between the couch and our bedroom door and lines up her babies (sometimes 1, sometimes all of them). Her favorite baby is in the picture (notice she colored on her head with crayon). She gets a kleenex and wipes their noses (TONS of times), then lays them down to sleep, says "nigh nigh" and pats them on the back. It's adorable. Of course, when I turned the camera on she stopped talking to them, but at least she kept "taking care" of them!

Grandma, Aunt Shannon, Christine and Matthew came to visit for a couple days during spring break... this was the only picture I took (bad hostess)! It was a fun visit, great to see you! {technical difficulties with video/ blogger... arghhh}


bomb shelter

The other night Tyson was taking his bath, and suddenly he said "Hey guys!!! (very excited) If our house explodes, we can all hide in here!"

(Yes, as in those two blocks). "We can bring our big TV's, our little TV, our bideo {video} games, and ALLLLLL of our movies!" {Think this kid likes TV much?}

Glad that he has a plan for that. I guess we'd have advanced notice so we could get everything set up in there beforehand...


Armadillo Dash Half-Marathon

I've been training since December for a half marathon. Well yesterday I finally ran it with Mike and Krista! We did the Armadillo Dash in College Station. I ran it without walking in 2:03:54. My goal time was 2 hours or less so I'm pretty happy with that. For one thing, there were some hills on the course, and we never did hills in training (thank you Houston for being flat).

Even though I'm having trouble walking today, I do want to try this again and see if I can improve! This pic is about 6 hours after the race, after we had recovered and had driven back home (we didn't take cameras to C.S.)

Here's the details, I'm sure most won't be interested but I want to record it somewhere:
I came into the race with two nagging injuries. My left achilles and my right shin have been flaring up as soon as I jog my first step for the past month or so. I've been trying to rest it during the week and just do long training runs on the weekends. It helped, but luckily I went to a sports chiropractor on Saturday before we left (first Chiropractor visit) and he did an analysis of my injuries and put on kinesio tape (you can kind of see it in the pic). I've always been leery of going to a chiropractor because I've seen them make people worse (like my mom). He just did a few things to my right shin to try to work out the pain, and then put the kinesio tape on both legs. I really think he fixed it. My right shin didn't bother me at all during the race!

It was 32 degrees when we woke up at 5:15 AM on Sunday. We put on our race gear and layered up and headed to the start/finish line. 5 minutes before the race we shed our layers and froze for a few minutes before the start! While we were running the temp was 40-50 degrees and it was sunny and not too windy, which is PERFECT running weather. The first mile was slow (about 10 minutes), and that was partly due to starting in a crowd and getting stuck sometimes, and partly due to me running slower because my achilles flared up right away. After the first mile it was much better. I felt fine until about mile 8, that's about when I hit the "wall" of tiredness and my legs were starting to hurt. That's also when the hills showed up! I pushed through and didn't let myself walk. Around mile 10, my achilles really started bothering me again. When this happens I pretty much have to run flat footed with my left foot or it will send shooting pain with every step. My original plan was to speed up quite a bit on the last two miles and make up some time. Well, my brain wanted to but my legs didn't! I did speed up a little but not enough to make up those 4 minutes. I was so glad to cross the finish line and can proudly say that I never walked! Now I'm pretty sore in my calves, hamstrings, behind my knees, lower back, and left achilles (of course). Time to take a couple days off from exercise!