wall art

I consider us lucky that it took until our younger child was 19 months old for our first wall art. Still, not what you really want to see. Thanks Magic Eraser for fixing this and making it look like new! That stuff is great...

Here's some other random pictures that don't need a separate post... enjoy!

Hailey wanted to mail herself.

He buckled himself in his carseat!

No pictures please... can't you see I'm riding Clifford? We FINALLY got a Chuck E Cheese close to our house... it's nice going to a new one, before the games are all pizza-fied, and broken!


Courtney Squillante said...

I love the mailbox pic!!!

beckyboo said...

Hey, They are getting so big!! Loved looking at all the pictures. Wish you lived closer or I lived closer. You all look great, even in the packer's shirts. =)

Jammy said...

Love all the pics and accomplishments. Congrats to Tyson on doing his own seatbelt!! Hailey can mail herself over here anytime!! Thanks for giving us frequent updates!!