Superbowl XLV Champs!

So... I talked Steve into making some yummy stuff on the smoker and having a little superbowl fun since the PACKERS were in it! We had the whole family dressed up!

Pre-Super Bowl wrestling...

So the kids were a little excited that they could actually play outside... they haven't made it out much lately with the cold weather. So these were the best family pics we have!

What else can I say but... dun dun ch dun dun dun dun... GO PACK GO! What an awesome game! I have to admit I was nervous on the last drive, but hewhoshouldnotbenamed couldn't get it done and the Pack prevailed!! SWEEEEEET... it's so fun when your favorite team wins a championship... especially when you don't live in the town they're in... SUPER BOWL CHAMPS BABY!! Now we go for the SPURS to win again!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your team's win. As we were watching the game, we were thinking of you. And by the way, your family is beautiful. Love, Grandpa T

Jammy Cheesehead said...

LOVE IT!!!! WE WON!!!! Cool that you guys got all dressed up!