the Good list

I thought I'd write down some of the endearing things the kids do, mostly so we can look back later and smile when we realize we didn't catch it on video, but also to share them with those of you who don't see them often, and lastly so we can remember the fun things when we're having a "frustrated moment".

She can be extremely shy and reserved with new people, but she is FEARLESS when it comes to playing. This slide is probably 2 stories tall and she was alllll about it. She wanted to go down by herself and got mad when I'd put her in my lap.

She finally got to go down by herself... and shrieked in excitement the whole way down! She would have gone head first if we let her. She also tries to just walk into the pool, etc.

She loves Daddy more than anyone else. She kicks her legs like crazy if I'm holding her when he comes home. Mommy's a pretty close second.

This habit is probably more of one that will be funny when we look back on it. Not so funny now, but this time when she did some pantry destroying it was kind of cute how she wedged herself in there.

She does "drawings" for us... :) When she colors with markers, she will draw a few lines, then put the top back on. Then take it off and draw a few more lines. etc. etc.

She has such a sweet smile, and shrieks in excitement constantly. She's started doing an exaggerated "fake smile" lately too. She's added more words - up, yucky (gucky), ball (really not new just forgot earlier), cheese (chzszszs), please, apple, cookie, cracker (gacka).
She gives GREAT hugs.
When she wants to sit in your lap, she backs in and then once she sits down, she scoots all the way back until she's completely pressed up against you. So sweet.
She makes this adorable sound when she's concentrating, or trying to lift something heavy. It's kind of like a soft grunting sound. I doubt I'll be able to get it on video but I love it.
She talks and talks about all kinds of things in her own language. I've tried to catch this on camera a bunch, but she either stops talking or tries to grab the camera when she sees it :(

Tyson is such a sweet natured kid. He loves to play pretend, whether it just be making his toys have conversations or actually dressing up himself...

He loves to do projects. This year we did his gingerbread house a little late (it was still early January), but he didn't care if it happened before Christmas or not!

He's very funny. He says hilarious things all the time, and has gotten to the stage of saying "don't laugh at me" when we chuckle at his cuteness. Man... it's hard not to laugh sometimes!

He brings home artwork from school that we are so proud of. Whether it be letters, numbers, or writing his name, we love it. He is proud of it too, every day he tells me he has a surprise for me in his backpack :)

Getting much better, eh?

Almost daily he draws a picture of our family and our house. The number of people varies, but there is usually some kind of road or train track on it, a ladybug and a spider.

He loves his sister. One of his favorite things is wrestling with her on our bed after they get their pj's on. He's very aware of how and where to tackle her - never near the edge of the bed, never making her fall on something other than either him or the mattress.
He randomly says the sweetest things. We were at lunch with friends on Sunday, and he was at the opposite end of the table. He says "Mommy?" "What Tyson?" "I love you!" He melted all the girls' hearts right there! We get random "I love you's" and I even got an "I want to marry you when I grow up" last week! Love you two!


Katie said...

Your kids are getting so big! Still cute as ever though. Tyson is such a big, smart boy! I can't believe how fast it happened. Miss y'all.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Ginny for sharing updates on the kids and you all. It makes us feel that we are not missing everything. I check for your posts everyday at work. Love you all, Grandpa T.

Anonymous said...

Amazing how big they are getting and seem as they do new things every day. Thank you for sharing and keep it coming!! I tell you everything they are doing points to genius! Really, they are so beautiful and smart (we are all truly blessed). Grandma

Lynn - En's Mom said...

So Sweet!!! Love reading it all!!! Enjoy the days and don't blink - they'll be older before you know it!!

Jammy said...

Thank you for this wonderful post, Ginny. So much fun to hear about each of them and see them. Laughed all the way through Hailey's news! Tyson is at my favorite pre-k age. So sweet and fun. Great kids. Love you!