cupcakes and elefantes

I finally wrote down some of the funny things this guy has been saying lately...

Last night we were putting him to bed, and he said he had a booboo on his finger (he didn't... it was one of his delay tactics that he tries sometimes). Me: "Oh that's too bad. I'll give it a kiss." Tyson: "Mommy here's what I need to fix it. First, I need a bandaid. Then I need to get the right medicine, cut my toenails (counting on his fingers for each request), eat healthy foods, drink my milk slowly, and don't stare at the elefantes." HA HA!!!! (Not sure if I mentioned but starting with his birthday party, he prefers to calls elephants "elefantes"... Spanish word for them)

Then, tonight when putting him to bed, we noticed he had some weird sticky stuff on his shirt. We were trying to figure out what it was, and he says "I tripped on some mulch, then I landed on a stone and it did that to my shirt." {We had just gotten the shirt out of the dryer...}

We have some leftover cupcakes from the Superbowl... Hailey had her first one since her birthday. I was actually surprised that she didn't get more messy with it!


Katie said...

elefantes CRACKS me up.

Jammy said...

He is too funny!! Love the pics!