Moriarty Christmas

The Tuesday after Christmas we celebrated with the Moriarty's! We all ate a yummy dinner and opened presents. But first, a little rough housing with Papa!

The opening presents portion was everyone for themselves and I didn't get too many pictures. Please send more if you have them! Nam and Howie were able to join us, it's nice to have them so close now.

Hailey got a toy cell phone, hopefully that will keep her away from Mommy's....

Slink! He has been asking about this toy for weeks. Thanks Aunt Amber for hunting it down!

Jonah wondering what the heck is going on? :)

This picture needs to be blown up to poster size and framed. Hailey has been afraid of my dad for some reason since she was born. I think this may be the first time she has let him hold her without immediately screaming. Maybe when she was first born, but not any time lately!!! yea!!

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