Merry Christmas!

This year we spent Christmas in Corpus with the Torno's. Luckily Hailey is getting better about sleeping at other places, so it was easier to travel than the last few times.

Our crazy girl on Christmas Eve

Decorating cookies for Santa ~ Christine had the idea to decorate them, and we vote to make that a new tradition! The cousins loved it.

Leaving "reindeer food" in the street ~ they need something to refuel too!

Leaving cookies and milk by the fireplace for Santa

Christmas morning ~ Santa came!

Santa brought Tyson a train... wow. All he wanted to do was watch the train, and have people watch it with him. He turned into a "train nazi" eventually. He got mad at Caleb because he was talking, so he couldn't hear the train. Yikes.

Santa brought Hailey a rocking chair! Grandma and Grandpa already had one too so they took turns sitting in both.

Trying on Hannah's shoes, or "shhhhhhh" as Hailey says

Tyson checking to see if Santa came!

Merry Christmas everyone!

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Lynn said...

Wonderful!! Love seeing your Dad hold Hailey!! Looks like lots of fun over the holidays!