Cotton Bowl

Steve and I were very fortunate to get tickets to the Cotton Bowl last night, thanks to his Uncle Tim! Unfortunately, A&M gave us their usual bowl performance... looking nothing like the team we've seen the past 6 or 7 games. But, the first quarter was GREAT. And some other things were great too...

Mommy and Daddy got some much needed "fun" time off from the kiddos. No, work does NOT count. We love them more than anything, but sometimes you just need some "us" time. Who knows the last time we've gotten away for more than just a movie. Months. Even though we drove back to Houston after the game and got home at 3:30 AM, it was still worth it. Also, we got to see Dallas Cowboy stadium for the first time. Sorry Reliant, this one's got you beaten.

We got pictures taken with Reveille! I've also had mine taken with Reveille VI, and it's always an honor. This was an unexpected surprise, we just happened to run into her!

Steve's Uncle Tim and cousin Nathan, thanks for the tickets!

The orange color in the background is actually the sky at sunset before the game started... thought it was a bad omen that it was that color!

This was great - it was still 0-0!

Also a great fact above... and that we had 9 wins. And that tu had a horrible season for the first time in over a decade. Who would have guessed that in August.

The Aggie Band never disappoints.

Stadium at night as we were walking to the car. It was fun, except during the 2nd, 3rd and 4th quarter. 1st quarter and halftime were great! I guess there's always next year!


Courtney Squillante said...

Wasn't it just a disaster?!? But I'm glad you guys got some couple time!! And yes, Jerry World is AMAZING!!!

Melissa said...

Your seats were exactly opposite from our original seats. We got up and moved and they were a little closer to you guys. I wish I would have seen you. I only saw one person I knew inside the game and I knew him from high school. Oh well still a good time!

Anonymous said...

Lucky you.....
Sick about the outcome of the game but how wonderful to see that stadium. So glad you got to go. Mom