November's gone?

We were apparently really busy, or really boring in November because I only took a total of 12 pictures. Here's the best of those...

After storing a baby swing in the garage for 1.5 years, we finally put it on the swingset (took 30 seconds). This may be Hailey's only ride in it. She loved it the first time, but won't get back in it since. ???

Went to the Texans - Chargers game. Krista is a huge Chargers fan. Atleast she was happy about the outcome of the game!

We went to Corpus for the beginning of Thanksgiving week, but I forgot to bring the camera (one reason for so few pics). We were at my parents for actual Thanksgiving. Hailey was helping us cook as you can see.

My Uncle Bruce & Aunt Jacque gave this Packer gear to Tyson a year or so ago, and we finally got cold enough weather for him to wear it! Had to grab a pic! And... GO PACK GO

Black Friday... none of us went shopping, but everyone came to our house and we took turns going to see Unstoppable. Of course it was great, every Denzel movie is.

Tyson was a little worn out after the holiday fun. I'm sure our December will be more eventful than our November!

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