failed holiday pics

The kids had their holiday pics at school the other day. I usually don't feel like paying the premium to get their school prints, so I was trying to cheat and take a cute pic at home in front of our tree before we left for school. Ha. Ha.

(This was actually a few days before, she wanted to only wear the Santa hat if it completely covered her head... ha)

Hailey was in this picture when I was bringing the camera up to my face...

This was attempt #2... LOL. Can you tell she wants to be held and not stand away from Mommy for a picture? Thanks Tyson for doing such a great job!

Finally got her to stand there, but of course she wasn't thrilled about it. I love the way Tyson is looking at her in this pic.
Well i guess there are advantages to having other people help you take pics of your kids. lesson learned.

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The Moriarty Family said...

LOL! These are terrific and make me smile :) Hailey's santa hat over her head is hilarious!