breakfast with Santa

There are surprisingly no Santa photo ops at our local mall, so our only opportunity was to go to "breakfast with Santa" yesterday at our neighborhood clubhouse. I'm glad we went, but Santa was a little marginal as far as friendliness, and we were there only 30 minutes after it opened.

Of course Tyson did great...

Hailey... not really!!! This is as close as she would get. Santa didn't offer any help though (huh? He should atleast grab her so I can take a pic of her screaming...)

Loved the train ride, surprise, surprise!!

Well, at least she liked the playground!

Still trying to figure out how we're going to get a family pic for Christmas cards....


Tyson is 4!!!!

Tyson is 4 YEARS OLD today! Wow. He has made some pretty big changes in the last 6 months or so. We finally kicked the paci habit, he doesn't get upset when I drop him off at school anymore, his imagination and sense of humor have reached extreme heights, we can trust him to do a number of things on his own that we couldn't before (bathroom, play in the backyard or anywhere in the house for that matter, be good at school even when his favorite friends are acting up), are the first that come to mind.

We had his party yesterday at the zoo. It's a little nerve racking to plan an outdoor party in December, but thanks to cold weather being RARE (except last year, when we had to reschedule his indoor party due to SNOW), we were blessed with a beautiful day, and perfect weather!

All of the immediate family was there (except Amy and Benjamin - poor Benjamin came down with strep throat - we missed you guys!), Aunt Lala, and friends Charlie, Peyton, Jackson, Rebekkah, and Maddie from school came too!

As usual, I didn't take as many pics as I'd like to. It's hard to do when you're trying to keep everything running. Luckily Amber took some for awhile but I still missed some people.

The kids played in the childrens zoo for the first part of the party, after pigging out on donuts and kolaches!

the cake... Ice Age was the closest theme they had to a zoo... is it me or is that weird. it worked though.

The birthday boy!

The loot
We tried to get all of his friends, and his cousins closest in age by him for cake and presents.

This is him while everyone was singing Happy Birthday to him

Okay, so at 4, or close to 4, some kids still have a hard time letting the "birthday kid" open their gifts. Oh well, it all worked out in the end.

Our attempt at a family picture... nice huh? Maybe it will be on our Christmas card this year. Or not.

After the party everyone did their own thing, our friends and family hung around and we went to the carousel and saw some animals for awhile.

We expected this at some point. She threw a tantrum the whole way in when we first got there(wanted to walk, but would just sit down when I let her try), and on the way to the carousel. Other than that she did very well.
We loved the zoo as a party place. Great weather always makes it that much better too. Thanks to all the family and friends who came and had fun with us! Tyson had such a great time. We can't wait to see what this year has in store for him. Such a great kid and a joy to be around.


failed holiday pics

The kids had their holiday pics at school the other day. I usually don't feel like paying the premium to get their school prints, so I was trying to cheat and take a cute pic at home in front of our tree before we left for school. Ha. Ha.

(This was actually a few days before, she wanted to only wear the Santa hat if it completely covered her head... ha)

Hailey was in this picture when I was bringing the camera up to my face...

This was attempt #2... LOL. Can you tell she wants to be held and not stand away from Mommy for a picture? Thanks Tyson for doing such a great job!

Finally got her to stand there, but of course she wasn't thrilled about it. I love the way Tyson is looking at her in this pic.
Well i guess there are advantages to having other people help you take pics of your kids. lesson learned.

November's gone?

We were apparently really busy, or really boring in November because I only took a total of 12 pictures. Here's the best of those...

After storing a baby swing in the garage for 1.5 years, we finally put it on the swingset (took 30 seconds). This may be Hailey's only ride in it. She loved it the first time, but won't get back in it since. ???

Went to the Texans - Chargers game. Krista is a huge Chargers fan. Atleast she was happy about the outcome of the game!

We went to Corpus for the beginning of Thanksgiving week, but I forgot to bring the camera (one reason for so few pics). We were at my parents for actual Thanksgiving. Hailey was helping us cook as you can see.

My Uncle Bruce & Aunt Jacque gave this Packer gear to Tyson a year or so ago, and we finally got cold enough weather for him to wear it! Had to grab a pic! And... GO PACK GO

Black Friday... none of us went shopping, but everyone came to our house and we took turns going to see Unstoppable. Of course it was great, every Denzel movie is.

Tyson was a little worn out after the holiday fun. I'm sure our December will be more eventful than our November!