Howie is 90!

We celebrated Howie's (my mom's dad) 90th birthday on October 23rd. Family flew in from New Jersey, Illinois, Minnesota, California, and Wisconsin to celebrate. Howie and Nam moved to Houston earlier this summer from Georgia, so we got lucky and only had to drive 45 minutes to come to his party!

Howie and Nam have always been very involved in their grandkids' lives, and provided the family with our favorite getaway growing up (the SHACK - a lakehouse in Wisconsin).

It was a fun party with lots of love poured out towards Howie. Unfortunately I didn't get many pictures because of certain little people who were there...

Luckily Jammy brought some enterainment for Tyson, that kept him entertained most of the time!
They did well most of the party. Then their "best behavior" started deteriorating a little so Daddy and Aunt Amber took the kids into the hall while people were telling Howie stories.

We love you Howie! We are so glad that you're close to us now! Happy 90th!

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Jammy said...

They still talk about Howie's party and how nice it was. Wish everyone could have stayed longer!! Thanks for sharing your pics and for spending the day with the fam. It was much appreciated!