ballerina boo!

Finally getting around to posting our 2010 Halloween pics! Hailey was a ballerina and Tyson was a ghost.

Hailey wanted to stay in the stroller for a pretty long time. At first I was a little bummed because you couldn't really see her costume, but once she got out I was grateful for the time she stayed in the stroller :)

Both kids did really well and got plenty of candy. Once Hailey got out of the stroller she was still fine, she just didn't get it when we'd try to move on from house to house and wanted to randomly roam around. So after a few houses Daddy took her back home while I finished the night out with Tyson.

Our jack-o-lanterns, designed with the help of Tyson!


Happy Halloween everyone!


The Moriarty Family said...

Umm... cutest ballerina, EVERRRRRR!! ADORABLE outfit. AND T looked pretty good sportin' the classic ghost costume! Nice pumpkins and decorations, too!

Jammy said...

Looked like a great Halloween all around!! Thanks for showing us!

GranDeb said...

Love, love, love all your pics! What a fun time!

Kiki's little Owen said trick or treat and then told the people he'd like just one piece of candy please!! What kid does that???? haha

Love to you all!!!