zoo boo

Well, I didn't know that Amber and Jonah had just gone to the zoo 2 Fridays ago, but I invited them to go this past Friday for zoo boo and they decided to come again :) I have 10 days of vacation to burn, and since the zoo had special Halloween activities I decided to use a day and take the kids.

Tyson coloring on a big mural. Hailey loved playing with the bucket of markers but didn't attempt to actually color. Worked for me.

Tyson and Hailey in the pumpkin patch

Amber and Jonah! Thanks so much for coming!

They both loved the petting zoo. Awesome because Tyson used to be scared of it.

Hailey almost shared her drink with one of the goats! i don't think she was actually supposed to bring it in there :)

The carousel was a hit as usual. I had to get creative with the pictures since I couldn't leave Hailey by herself, she can't be trusted to hold on yet.

Rode the train at the end of the day. Tyson actually said he didn't want to ride the train because he was tired, but then when we walked past it he changed his mind. He must have been REAAAAAALY tired to suggest skipping the train.
All in all it was a great morning, and it helped to have Amber there! I am trying to get better about not stressing out when I have both of them "out" w/o Steve. I'm getting there! Thanks kiddos for being good for me!


The Moriarty Family said...

We had a great time with y'all! Believe me, you do a fantastic job not stressing over things with your two little ones- that sure can be a challenge sometimes for a Momma! It's always a blast having outings with my sister's even if y'all choose to go to the same place... double fun for me and Jonah :)

Anonymous said...

Love the pictures! Wish Grandpa and I could be there too. Love your beautiful precious family, Grandma

Aunt Lynn said...

Wonderful, cute photos!! Looks like such fun! Wish we lived closer! No - make that wish YOU lived closer! ;D

Jammy said...

So glad you were able to go together! Thanks for posting the pictures. Love seeing them!!