first "real" haircut

Hailey's bangs were falling into her eyes, and I didn't want to take a crack at trimming them again (I did a questionable job last time). So I took her to Stephanie at Ideal Hair, who does my hair. That way it would atleast be someone who's familiar with me.

The hardest part about this was before we got there, and it wasn't with Hailey. Tyson LOVES to get his hair cut. Which is great, except when he has to come along on someone else's haircut :) He didn't understand why he couldn't get his cut and didn't take "yours doesn't need to be cut" as an acceptible answer. I finally convinced him when I said this was a salon, where girls get their hair cut. Boys get theirs cut where he goes (sport clips) :)

Hailey just had a blank stare on her face the whole time. No emotion no matter what I, Tyson or Stephanie tried to do. I'll take that over crying. I think she was trying to figure out what was going on the whole time. Tyson was a very good boy too. I was worried he would get into something or get upset that it wasn't his haircut.

When it was all said and done, she got her bangs trimmed and the back trimmed up a little so it would all be the same length. Not much taken off but cleaned up now, and it's not in her eyes! Good job Hailey (and Tyson)!!


Jammy said...

How interesting that she was so expressionless!! Would be interesting to know what she was thinking. Someone new was in her personal space!

Anonymous said...

Very interesting........
Over my many years I have seen (and heard) screaming, crying, laughing but never no emotion at all. I think this is a sign of genius. Love you all, Grandma