dancing and reading

It's been awhile since I've been able to get on the blog. Here's some video to help catch up - there's been a lot of dancing going on (ahem... Hailey). She dances to almost any song, and sometimes dances randomly when there's not even any music on. Her most famous move is walking around in a squat position. She loves the ipad commercials. HA!

Below is one of Tyson reading to Hailey. Tyson has always loved books and Hailey now shares that love. She will grab books and plop down in our laps, expecting us to drop everything and read to her. She gets stuck on a certain book and just wants to read that one over and over. First it was Pat a Cake, then Brown Bear, Brown Bear and now it's Where is Baby's Belly Button?

Hailey has been a handful lately! She broke a few molars (I need to look back at Tyson's baby book but I wasn't remembering it happening that early!), then she has learned how to pull hair and scratch people (mostly her brother), and she is very opinionated. She screams (most of her screams are happy ones though), and definitely lets you know when she doesn't like something.

That being said, she is still a blast to be around and of course, Tyson always is!


The Moriarty Family said...

Lovin' those dance moves!! That last video is just precious :) Love hearing them laugh and give cuddles!

Anonymous said...

That's a really cool video of Tyson and Hailey. You might want to have it handy when they are 16 and 14 and fighting like cats and dogs. The video shows the real brother and sister and how they will always feel about each other. Love, Grandpa

Anonymous said...

Well, thank you for sharing. All of the videos are wonderful. Hailey really loves moving to the music. She is too cute! I agree with Grandpa - the video of Tyson reading to Hailey is too precious for words....I love it.
Both are very sweet and I can't believe that Hailey is almost 15 months old. I need to get up to Houston and see all of you. Love you so much, Grandma

Jammy said...

Hailey is too funny!! Love these videos. Tyson is such a good big brother to his little sister! Sweetie!!