zoo boo

Well, I didn't know that Amber and Jonah had just gone to the zoo 2 Fridays ago, but I invited them to go this past Friday for zoo boo and they decided to come again :) I have 10 days of vacation to burn, and since the zoo had special Halloween activities I decided to use a day and take the kids.

Tyson coloring on a big mural. Hailey loved playing with the bucket of markers but didn't attempt to actually color. Worked for me.

Tyson and Hailey in the pumpkin patch

Amber and Jonah! Thanks so much for coming!

They both loved the petting zoo. Awesome because Tyson used to be scared of it.

Hailey almost shared her drink with one of the goats! i don't think she was actually supposed to bring it in there :)

The carousel was a hit as usual. I had to get creative with the pictures since I couldn't leave Hailey by herself, she can't be trusted to hold on yet.

Rode the train at the end of the day. Tyson actually said he didn't want to ride the train because he was tired, but then when we walked past it he changed his mind. He must have been REAAAAAALY tired to suggest skipping the train.
All in all it was a great morning, and it helped to have Amber there! I am trying to get better about not stressing out when I have both of them "out" w/o Steve. I'm getting there! Thanks kiddos for being good for me!

happy birthday papa

After the pumpkin patch we celebrated Papa's birthday. Tyson always enjoys helping the birthday boy/girl open their gifts and blowing out their candles. Of course Papa obliged him!

Just love this stance where she's squatting and looking down at something :)

Tyson helped Papa do some yard work... what, that's not a normal birthday party activity? Happy Birthday Papa!

pumpkin patch fun

Last weekend we went to the pumpkin patch in Spring for our annual October fun! We met Nick, Amber, Jonah, Jammy and Papa there. It was great at first and by the time we left, it was REALLY packed! The weather was great that day.

Love the trailers/ dumpsters in the background of this one :)

Steve and Jonah!

"The guys"

Jammy, Papa and their grandkids

Finally got on the train!

The kids loved it as usual!


first "real" haircut

Hailey's bangs were falling into her eyes, and I didn't want to take a crack at trimming them again (I did a questionable job last time). So I took her to Stephanie at Ideal Hair, who does my hair. That way it would atleast be someone who's familiar with me.

The hardest part about this was before we got there, and it wasn't with Hailey. Tyson LOVES to get his hair cut. Which is great, except when he has to come along on someone else's haircut :) He didn't understand why he couldn't get his cut and didn't take "yours doesn't need to be cut" as an acceptible answer. I finally convinced him when I said this was a salon, where girls get their hair cut. Boys get theirs cut where he goes (sport clips) :)

Hailey just had a blank stare on her face the whole time. No emotion no matter what I, Tyson or Stephanie tried to do. I'll take that over crying. I think she was trying to figure out what was going on the whole time. Tyson was a very good boy too. I was worried he would get into something or get upset that it wasn't his haircut.

When it was all said and done, she got her bangs trimmed and the back trimmed up a little so it would all be the same length. Not much taken off but cleaned up now, and it's not in her eyes! Good job Hailey (and Tyson)!!

girls' weekend!

At the end of September I got to sneak away to Fredericksburg with my good friends Laura and Kelly for a girls weekend! We had a great time relaxing, doing whatever we wanted, WHENEVER we wanted (what's that like?!?!?)

We stayed in a cute bed and breakfast. It was a 3 bedroom house all to ourselves. The owner really spoiled us by leaving us starbucks coffee, homemade kolaches, quiche and pie! And all kinds of other yummy snacks. I highly recommend doing this in Fredericksburg - there are plenty of B&B's there to choose from. Here's a few pics of the house.

Some pics of us relaxing and enjoying each other's company - we rarely get to see each other since we're all kind of spread out and BUSY.

We ate humongous chicken fried steaks for lunch on Saturday... yummmmm
Thanks to Steve for making this getaway possible, and to Jammy and Papa for watching Tyson that weekend (really helped Steve)! This needs to be an annual event!


dancing and reading

It's been awhile since I've been able to get on the blog. Here's some video to help catch up - there's been a lot of dancing going on (ahem... Hailey). She dances to almost any song, and sometimes dances randomly when there's not even any music on. Her most famous move is walking around in a squat position. She loves the ipad commercials. HA!

Below is one of Tyson reading to Hailey. Tyson has always loved books and Hailey now shares that love. She will grab books and plop down in our laps, expecting us to drop everything and read to her. She gets stuck on a certain book and just wants to read that one over and over. First it was Pat a Cake, then Brown Bear, Brown Bear and now it's Where is Baby's Belly Button?

Hailey has been a handful lately! She broke a few molars (I need to look back at Tyson's baby book but I wasn't remembering it happening that early!), then she has learned how to pull hair and scratch people (mostly her brother), and she is very opinionated. She screams (most of her screams are happy ones though), and definitely lets you know when she doesn't like something.

That being said, she is still a blast to be around and of course, Tyson always is!