Happy Birthday Grandma!

The family surprised Grandma over labor day weekend with a birthday party at a pavilion on the beach. We got there a little early so the kids could play on the beach for awhile. Hailey's never played in sand and if Tyson has been to a real beach, it was maybe once and he probably doesn't remember it.

Of course, both of the kids loved the beach. The water was a little seaweed-y so we didn't want them to get in (especially since we'd just have to clean them up right away for the party), but they had tons of fun playing in the sand.

Then it was time to get ready for the party! All of the family and friends hid in the party room area. Grandma thought she was going to meet Shannon's and Shane's families here and then go to dinner.

She was really surprised! It was fun to be involved in it, we are really glad we could make it.

Tyson and Caleb having a blast - these guys were getting really loud and having tons of fun together. They're only 4 months apart so I'm sure we'll have plenty more of this as they grow up :)

Hailey started out in some cute shorts. But then she had a leaky diaper, luckily about 10 minutes before we were leaving, and I didn't have a spare outfit in the diaper bag so she just went in a diaper for the last few minutes.

Tyson loves when Grandma reads to him. She got some new books that he loved.

On Saturday, all of the cousins except Christine and Hailey went fishing. As usual it was a huge hit. Afterwards I drove Christine and Hailey to the splash pad and everyone played together in it.

Hailey's cousins and brother did a great job of including her and playing with her. The water got a little too deep for her at some points, so she swallowed water a few times and had a constant escort the whole time. She loved it but I think next year she'll like it a bunch more.

Loved this pic because they were playing together nicely!

We had a great visit, as usual. Happy Birthday Grandma!

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The Moriarty Family said...

What a nice surprise for Grandma! Playing in the sand and everything sure sounded fun! Cute, cute pictures, too!