Cosmic Fitness CrossFit

We started a company with some friends at the end of June. It's called Cosmic Fitness CrossFit. For those of you who haven't heard of CrossFit, it's a bootcamp style fitness and conditioning program. The workouts are varied every time, so there is never any monotony or boredom.

We're really excited about it and are slowly growing it. We are meeting at Tom Bass Park for now (local park in Pearland), but once we get enough clients we will move to a location. Two of our friends are certified CrossFit trainers and they run the sessions. I go as a "client" and have already seen some differences in just a month!

If you know anyone who lives or works around the Pearland/ 288 & Beltway 8 area, please let them know about us! The first workout is always free, so there's no risk to try it out. View our website here. (No I didn't design it.. slowly working on changing it :)

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Anonymous said...

You didn't tell us about this adventure. Sounds very promising -I assume the workout can be for anyone - any age?
Wish you the best of luck with this. Mom