walking girl!

Hailey has been taking 1-15 steps for about a month now, but this weekend she finally decided she was ready to switch to walking! Right on her 13 month birthday! Here's a few pics and video of her taking off.

I love this look - the "aaaaahhhh... am I really doing this??? I don't know???"

Also I just had to grab some pics of her in this outfit... it was the 3rd one from the studio that we didn't get any professional pics of. She also had some adorable sandals on but I took them off.

She can make it much farther than this, but I'm not always sitting there with the camera rolling ;)


Courtney Squillante said...

How exciting!!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Well, good luck keeping up with her now! She is precious and seems so big. Give her a kiss for me, Grandma

Anonymous said...

It's going to be a new world for Tyson,too. How's he going to get away from her now? She will be up the stairs next. Love, Grandpa T