photos by Tyson

Tyson always wants to look at pictures on my camera after I take them. On this day he asked if he could take pictures. At first I thought nah, but then I told him if he stays right next to me he can take pictures with it.

Here's how it started... Tyson accidentally pulled the drawer out (no one got hurt), and Hailey immediately climbed into it and took over. More drawer pictures to come soon. I took the first one, and Tyson took the rest... enjoy

He kept saying "Mommy stick your tongue out!"

He did a good job aiming during his self-portraits I think.


The Moriarty Family said...

These are hilarious!! Oh and you look so much like a Moriarty in your pic... maybe because you are one?!! Tyson is to funny.

Jammy said...

LOL!! Tyson did a great job!

GranDeb said...

hahaha A budding photographer!!

p.s. Save all the pics he takes...enter them into "The Reflections" contest that they have to do something for in school!!!