let's go to the zoo

I had Friday off because the kids' school was closed. I took them to the zoo with Choco and Krista. I'm so glad they came because there's no way I would have survived by myself with the kids. They were both very good throughout almost the whole day, but until they get a little older it will still be challenging taking them to places like this.

The zoo has a dinosaur exhibit and it's only going to be there a few more weeks. Tyson loves dinosaurs so I was hoping he'd love it. He was really excited to go in the dinosaur part, and look at them, but he didn't want to stand by them for pictures. I think he didn't want to turn his back to them. I finally got him to do one near the end but I had to hold him :) They were pretty cool, they moved and made noises.

Hailey was in the stroller most of the time, but I tried to let her get out when it made sense and get some walking in.

Both kids loved the carousel - Hailey knew just what to do and grabbed on to the pole

Tyson loved the petting zoo - this was a major improvement over last year, when he wouldn't touch any of the animals. He went right in and even switched brushes a few times :)

I was worried what Hailey would do when she got tired since we were there during her nap time. She did great and just fell asleep in my arms when she couldn't take it any longer.

Of course we had to get a train ride in at the end - Tyson was bugging us to ride it from the first time he heard the whistle!


Lynn said...

Such fun! Brings back memories of all the times Grammy and Paw took us to the Milwaukee zoo! *** Natalie is still scared of the crocodile at Rainforest Cafe! ***
What's more fun than being a mom!?

Jammy said...

Looks like fun! Wish I could have been there!!