Hailey's final 1st birthday party

The weekend after Hailey's birthday, we had another little celebration / excuse to try to get the college friends back together. It's pretty hard to get all of us these days, and unfortunately we lost the Lane's due to a series of unfortunate events, but we still had a lot of fun. Hailey got to dig into more cupcakes.

We didn't get many pictures, but I did manage to get some pics of Tyson getting some quality time in with his uncles. Uncle Kyle read him one story...

... and Uncle Micah read him another! It was really great to see Micah and Jenny, I hadn't seen them in atleast a year and a half (way too long... but it's kinda hard when they lived in PANAMA), so glad they are back in Texas now! Missed you guys!

It's nice to use your kids' life events to get people together sometimes ;-)

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